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The Farm

My husband and I moved to this property back in the spring of 2009, captivated more by the backyard's beauty than the house itself. The 4-acre landscape was a blend of sunlit open spaces and mature pine trees, creating a serene park-like setting. A few stone terraces awaited clearing from weeds, ready to be transformed into anything we envisioned. Besides the main house, a charming studio and a little stone shed completed the scene. This was the perfect space to put down roots and start our family.


Guided by permaculture principles, we've been enhancing this space with various DIY projects, including the design of several perennial gardens, an orchard, vegetable patches, a chicken coop, beehives, a natural wildlife pond, and a greenhouse made of recycled, gifted windows -- each element complementing the others. 

In the spring of 2023 we embarked on a project that would tie everything together -- an extensive cut flower garden that would open the doors to a world of beauty and creativity. Thus, Terraces Flower Farm was born: a home-based business offering self guided garden walks, U-pick flowers, wearable flower crafting, flower arrangements, workshops, photo opportunities -- a tapestry of hands-on experiences under one roof. We cordially invite you to come and explore this space, and hopefully you leave with a sense of happiness, rejuvenation and inspiration.

Our overarching goal has been to craft something both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to our native insects and wildlife. We believe it can make a significant difference in your backyard as well.

We are continually observing and learning from our land. 

Permaculture is a holistic approach, and each property is unique. The key is to adapt principles to suit your specific context and continue learning and experimenting.

"The glory of gardening:

hands in the dirt,

head in the sun,

hearth with nature."

- Alfred Austin.

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