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"The bee represents a perfect community, and although it is weak in body,

it is strong in spirit and wisdom."

- Unknown


Keeping bees is an amazing experience: enlightening, humbling, educational, and rewarding. Beekeeping supports community pollination, food supplies, and fosters bee populations outside of the commercial beekeeping industry.


Top 4 reasons for keeping bees in your backyard:


In the spring of 2014, we planted about 50 English lavender plants on one terrace. Shortly after, honeybees were buzzing all over them.

For a couple of years, we wondered where they were coming from, where their home was. It was around 2016 that we decided to buy one hive and give it a try, and we absolutely loved it. The following year, we assembled one more. Our orchard bore a lot more fruit, the honey they produced was exquisite, and the wax we have been harvesting already made us quite a few candles.

As the flower gardens expand, so will the beehives' corner.

A Big Heartfelt THANK YOU to Tim and Kathie Bennett, from Turtle Bee Farms, and to Carrie Wiltse and Amy Sonk for their invaluable help and support!!

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